Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Go And Find Your Mr. Perfect – Shatta Wale Continues To Rant Over Relationship

Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has continued to rant over his relationship once again asking his supposed girlfriend to go and find her Mr. Perfect after referring to him as a cheat showing us the ugly side of his perfect relationship.


Shatta Wale in a previous post said he wants a woman with vision and not a woman who will go through his phone like a CID and in these posts has disclosed that his supposed girlfriend is accusing him of cheating and asking her to go and find her Mr. Perfect.


According to Shatta Wale, a man will always be a man and no woman can change that as the only thing you can change is his little dirty ways and not attacking him painting a picture that his girlfriend has been attacking him and calling him a cheat.

He then advised men to be very careful when a woman tells them she loves them as most of them are liars and faultfinders and all that he’s ranting about seems to be something that his girlfriend is at fault and that raises the issues of whether he’s fed up or still in love.

Brokenheart can cause a man to talk or be a cry baby and that is what seems to be happening to Shatta Wale now as he has decided to let it all out on social media and warn his fellow men who might become victims someday.

screenshot below;



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