Thursday, May 23, 2024
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FBI Reportedly Arrests Top Ghanaian Slay Queens In The US For Assisting Fraudsters In Over $6m Scam

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrested two Ghanaian women, Whitney Adams and Flavia Annang, for assisting fraudsters in Ghana in defrauding their ‘customers’ living abroad.

According to a US government statement, the two, who live in Ghana and America, have been assisting Ghanaian scammers in defrauding individuals.

They reportedly amassed over $6 million through a range of fraudulent actions conducted online.

“From a time unknown, but by at least July 2018, and through April 7, 2022, in the District of Arizona, and elsewhere, FLAVIA ANNANG, WHITNEY ADAMS, and their co-conspirators conducted a romance/inheritance scam.

The Victims were informed that the funds would be used to pay attorney’s fees, customs duties, government fees, taxes, or other expenses related to “releasing” the inheritance, and that they would share in the eventual inheritance or that the “inheritance” proceeds would enable the fake romantic partner to join the Victim in the United States.

The Victims were given addresses to mail checks to as well as bank accounts to transfer money or deposit cheques to, all of which were controlled by ANNANG, ADAMS, or other co-conspirators.

The Victims’ money was subsequently fraudulently diverted and/or held by ANNANG, ADAMS, and the co-conspirators, with no “inheritance” earnings ever remitted in exchange.”

See the document below;



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