Friday, May 17, 2024
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HomeCovid-19 cases rise globally, GHS begs Ghanaians to take vaccines

Covid-19 cases rise globally, GHS begs Ghanaians to take vaccines

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has begged Ghanaians to take the Covid-29 vaccines as the virus continues to spread globally.

There have been some conspiracy theories concerning the Covid-19 vaccine in Ghana. While some people believe that the vaccines are harmful and can cause the death of a person, others have also rumored that the vaccines cause some form of deadly illness.

The Ghana Health Service in a statement released says even though Ghana has recorded extremely low cases in recent times, it is imperative that measures are tightened to prevent the country.

The statement said that some countries like China have begun recording new cases of the covid-19 which has raised an alarm following the refusal of Ghanaians to take the vaccines and boosters.

The Ghana Health Service indicated that Ghana’s vaccination turnout is low and therefore there will be a need for persons who have not been vaccinated or are left with some doses to go for them to prevent a surge in infections.



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