Friday, May 17, 2024
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Artist Portable shocks fans as he appears on stage in white coffin

Nigeria artist Portable has gotten a lot of people talking after he made a grand entrance to his concert in Lagos in a white coffin.

Many artists always try to be in the headlines for controversial reasons, and Portable is one of the artists who love to be makes headlines. His recent appearance on stage has gotten a lot of people talking.

In the video made viral, about six men from the team of Portable wearing all white and serving as pallbearers were seen carrying the white coffin from the entrance to the main stage. They were seen shaking the coffin while carrying it.

When they got to middle of the stage, the coffin was placed on the ground and opened. Portable who was squatting in the coffin jumped up with his microphone holding him inside the coffin.

Some fans have reacted to the video-making round on social media. Read some comments below..

@AfricaflamingoUndertaker, I see you. The only artist wey trend from January to December 😂

@thisisrachelle: The African spiritual person in me is not finding this funny. 😮

@datguyThis guy is more dramatic than Prettymike … Imagine trending from January-December

@akinstotle: Forget the fact that this is just entertainment, there are so much spirituality attached to coffins. This isn’t funny.

@JacksparrowBecause it’s Portable now, all of a sudden, you people are now spiritual. But “Undertaker” was your WWE fav growing up. Mad people 😂



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