June 24, 2024

Nigerians Express Concern About Genevieve Nnaji After Her Cryptic Post About Death

Some Nigerians have expressed concern about Genevieve Nnaji after she shared a cryptic post about death asking one to pray before he/she is prayed upon after sharing a video of a graveyard.

Genevieve Nnaji’s last Instagram post was about death saying everyone will taste death after sharing a video of a graveyard and this has got some concerned fans and loved ones worried asking whether everything is okay with her.



Some tweeps believe Genevieve Nnaji might be going through depression or she’s sad about something for her to make such a post about death and it’s scary since she hardly makes such a post hence calling on those closest to her to check up on her.

Whatever reason Genevieve Nanji had to make such a post is clearly about death and it’s either a loved one of her is no more or she’s actually depressed as some people see it since her post is a bit scary and not something she does.

Death is indeed something we all are going to taste whether we like it or not but what makes it sad is how one dies and whether the person is going to be saved or not at the second advent of Christ.

screenshot below;


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