Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Nana Agradaa flaunts plush mansion and 4 brand-new cars

Former fetish priestess turned vessel of God, Nana Agradaa has shown the whole world that she has expensive properties to her name and will soon be in the same league with Dr Osie Kwame Despite and the other members of the East-Legin Executive Men’s club.

The founder and general overseer of Heaven Way Chapel has taken delivery of 4 brand new expensive cars just in the second month of 2023.

Sharing a video of her new big girl purchases, Nana Agradaa flaunted her newly acquired 2 brand new Mercedes Benz SUVs as well as two tear rubber V8 Lexuses.

Clad in all-white apparel, Nana Agradaa was filled with joy as she majestically walked towards one of the Lexus cars to later cruise in it in town.

If I’m not overestimating, the total cost of the 4 cars will be around $300,000 which is equivalent to Ghc 3,646,655.

Social media users who have come across this video have admonished her for being concerned with worldly things instead of concentrating on winning more souls for Christ which is the main purpose of pastoral work.

Watch the video below to know more…



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