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Mysterious snake discovered in ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag at Madina Zongo Junction; chilling details drop [+Video]

The discovery of a mysterious live snake at Zongo Junction in Madina, a popular shopping centre in Accra, has left many Ghanaians stunned.

The controversial incident reportedly happened on Saturday, January 29, 2022.

Videos of the astonishing spectacle widely circulated on social media show a crowd clamouring in extreme disbelief and shock.

A snake is seen slithering out of a ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag on the ground after some brave men poked it with sticks, while onlookers took out their phones to record.

Details surrounding the incident are scanty, but some yet to be confirmed reports attached to the viral videos suggest that a young porter, popularly known as Kayayo, was turned into the snake after a customer solicited her services.

Another narration to the story disputes the widespread reports.

“She didn’t turn to snake rather the snake was in the load she carried. she got to the traffic but couldn’t find the person’s load she was carrying,” said one TikTok user.

“She heard something shaking in the bag so she dropped the thing down and she tried opening the bag then this is what she saw.”

We cannot immediately confirm the veracity of the video in circulation.

Check out the video below




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