June 24, 2024

Man prepares for his death ahead of time; digs his grave, buys casket and gets drinks for funeral

A Rwandan man has been praised for his thoughtfulness in planning his own funeral in great detail.

Mr Leo, 70, has made every resource available for his burial, from his grave to a casket, clothes, a venue, and even drinks for guests.

The reason, he claims, is to relieve his family of the burden and to have his dream funeral, a condition he claims will allow him to rest in peace.

According to him, he shudders at how difficult it is for members of his community to bury their dead – and despite being married to nine wives who have produced multiple children, he fears that this could be his fate as well.

Interestingly, he has devised a detailed plan for his funeral, claiming that his instincts are warning him that he has fewer days on earth.

He wants to be laid in state in a white Jalabiya and, once lowered to the ground, brinks and concrete – both of which he has already purchased – to secure his final resting place.

He revealed on Afrimax English that he has also paid pallbearers and labourers who will work on his grave.

The most shocking aspect of his funeral is that he wishes to be buried by only men, excluding his wives and daughters.

Mr Leo also provided enough drinks to entertain all of the guests who would attend his anticipated burial afterparty.

Currently, all he does is live day by day. Every day has been a happy one since he began his burial preparations.

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