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Legon hookup girl drops the names of all the men she has infected with HIV

You must be very stupid to sleep with a hookup girl without protection because you know such women carry STIs like badges.

Evidently, the hookup culture has been accepted into Ghanaian society hence ladies who are into that trade no longer feel ashamed of opening up about their ‘profession’.

A level 300 Legon hook-up girl has sent shivers down the spines of the men who have patronized her services before.


According to this lady, she doesn’t know how she got infected with the virus and she only became aware after she went for a check early this year.

Probably, she has been living with the virus for over 6 months now hence all the men who slept with her without a latex risk contracting the virus.

Citing from the names she shared on the internet which is purposely to prompt them to go and check their HIV status, one of her lecturer’s names was included.

She also added tier locations to make it easier for readers who have once patronized her to know that they are the ones she’s talking about.

Take a look at the screenshots below to know more…





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