Saturday, May 18, 2024
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HomeHalf naked pictures of Funny Face’s baby mama hit the net

Half naked pictures of Funny Face’s baby mama hit the net

Funny Face’s baby mama, Vanessa Nicole, is currently trending on the internet following the release of some old half-naked pictures of hers.

These seductive pictures of the mother of three have landed her into another troll pit as critics on the various social media platforms are tearing into her like Christmas chicken

When it comes to nudity, Vanessa has done well to keep her image and reputation away from such nonsense until the leak of these pictures of hers that have given social media users something to talk about this early morning.

In the photos, Vanessa was only covering herself with just a piece of cloth with her curves clearly showing as she glowed in her oily body.

Clearly, these photos were taken when Vanessa was still in her early 20s and very naive but the internet never forgets reason we must all not follow trends to do something which we will regret later.

Check out the photo below to know more…




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