June 24, 2024

Final year students taped smoking, drinking & smooching themselves

This generation is messed up. The majority of the youth have no regard for morals. In fact, they do things at will.

Now, our place of character-shaping has all fallen standards. The Senior High Schools aren’t producing sane and decent students anymore.

In yet another story that has caught the attention of social media, Some high school students have been taped doing the worst.

Students of the yet-to-be-identified SHS have been recorded smoking, drinking alcohol and kissing each other at a club.

The viral video sees these students who according to reports are 2023 WASSCE candidates doing ‘things’ disregarding the repercussions that may come after.

From their faces, these students were high on drugs as well. Both the guys and ladies were busily in the mood to satisfy their pleasures.

Watch the video below to know more…



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