Saturday, May 18, 2024
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HomeFamous Italian female referee’s nudes drops online – Football world reacts

Famous Italian female referee’s nudes drops online – Football world reacts

A famous and beautiful Diana Di Meo who is 22 years of age has had her nude pictures leaked on the internet after he phone got stolen.

According to the female football referee she’s “been crying for days” after becoming the victim of revenge porn.

She also has a considerable social media following, racking up more than 80,000 Instagram followers who keep up-to-date with her regular uploads.

Reacting to the leaked bedroom photos, Diana emphatically stated that the nudes were dropped without her consent and she currently has no idea of the person who has damaged her reputation to such degree

Di Meo subsequently reported the offence to the police and an investigation has began to find the culprit, who could face a prison sentence of up to six years if found guilty.

After reporting the case to the police, she later wrote the below statement on her social media pages;

She told police: “I’ve been locked up at home, I’ve been crying and throwing up for two days.”

“These are private videos that have been stolen from me”

“”Someone must have managed to get into my mobile phone . Otherwise, I have no idea how they were taken.



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