Thursday, May 23, 2024
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“All humanity will die soon” – Elon Musk predicts the Apocalypse

Elon Musk has delivered an end-of-the-world warning, declaring that “this will happen again” and predicting the extinction of humanity.


The 51-year-old Tesla billionaire informed his 104 million Twitter followers of his depressing hypothesis after tweeting a link to a BBC news story about the extinction of dinosaurs.

According to the Daily Star, he apparently alluded to the extinction of humanity when he wrote, “This will happen again—just a matter of time,” in response to the article.

The article read: “The asteroid that ended the Cretaceous took with it famous dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops, as well as lesser-known but bizarre creatures like Anzu, or the ‘chicken from hell’.”

It went on to describe how small rodent-like animals such as the Purgatorius, as well as our distant ancestors, then took the place of the planet’s former inhabitants.

Another speculated: “Well in the past 10 per cent of the Earth’s past we know there have been five major mass extinctions. So every one every 50-100million years.

“And it’s been awfully quiet these past 65M years.. Just saying.. living on two planets sounds pretty good right about now”.

Last week, when he asserted that global warming wasn’t the greatest threat facing our species, he made headlines for similar beliefs.

Elon also issued a similar Internet warning, saying that “population collapse due to low birth rates is a much bigger risk to society than global warming” – a statement that received both support and condemnation.

“Is having kids the only solution?” one Twitter user asked, to which he responded with a simple “Yes”.

Musk’s thoughts didn’t hold the interest of another commenter, who added: “He just tosses rubbish out there to see if it sticks.”

“You are totally incorrect on this one Elon,” said another.

The internet mogul earned headlines despite his ominous prognostications about the end of the world after flying in a private jet for nine minutes from San Francisco to San Jose, California.

He was dubbed one of the “Bad Boys Billionaires” by online users, who were outraged and pointed out that he could have taken the train instead as it was only five stops away.

But ladies should have more kids to preserve the human species, whereas Bad Boys Billionaires are making the planet uninhabitable, said one commenter



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