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Why I Keep My Personal Life Out of Social Media- Rapper Trigmatic Reveals

Rapper Trigmatic has revealed why he never wants his personal life to become a common commodity for consumption by the general public on social media in a recent interview.

According to him, his posture is not a swipe against celebs who constantly updates their fans with everything that goes on in their lives, including the food they eat and where they have been. He mentioned that he was not that kind of person and it wasn’t important to him.

“I don’t want my stuff out there plus my wife or family members are not into showbiz so why would I want to display them? Beyoncé and Jay Z or Kanye West and Kim Kardashian can decide to put their stuff out there because they are all celebrities. Maybe, I will only post my personal stuff on social media if I am making a lot of money from there,” he told Graphic Showbiz.

He added that the only time people could get at someone was when one posted pictures and videos of themselves on social media.

On the same platform, the rapper had said in modern times a musician does not have to be profoundly talented before making giant strides commercially.

“Now, music is not just about talent, you need to have the right things in place to be a successful musician. A musician should have the right management team, good distribution deals and media promotion to complete the package,” he said.

He also explained that it was about time musicians did other side jobs so that when they were no longer big names out there, they could fall on the other jobs.

“Apart from music, I am into farming and my company also does events which fetch a lot of money. Combining these three jobs makes me comfortable,” he said.



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