Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Sidechick and main chick exchange punches inside the restaurant

The world happens to be celebrating Valentine’s Day today February 14, a day specially set aside to celebrate love.

On this day, lovers or couples tend to spend the day with their better halves and also tell them how special they are to each other.

However, that seems not to be the case with two women who were captured on video fighting each other at a mall’s parking spot.

According to a source where the video was fight cited, one of the ladies is the main chick of a man whiles the other is just a side chick.

The main chick is said to have tailed the side chick for some time and finally decided to square off with her in the restaurant where she was enjoying a meal with her man

The two ladies could be seen in the video fighting each other with one managing to strip the other naked and displaying her full unclad body to the people who were around and watching them dirty themselves.

The man who is believed to be at the center of all these was captured in the video trying to separate his two lovers.




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