July 18, 2024

ECG Disconnects Power Supply At KIA Over Unpaid Debt

Reports coming from Pulse News say that the Electricity of Ghana (ECG) has disconnected the power supply to the Kotaka International Airport.

The reports state that the electricity company of Ghana was forced to disconnect the power supply to the managers of the airport on the 15th of March, 2022 because of an outstanding debt exceeding GHc45 million.

Pulse reported that an ECG task force stormed the airport and disconnected the power supply to force the authorities to pay up. Terminal 3, international arrivals, and a few other areas were left to operate the reports say.

The head of the ECG task force, Nene Shadrach told the media that power will not be restored if 50% of the debt is not settled. He added that many attempts to make GACL pay the debts have turned futile, hence the disconnection.

In other news, a yet-to-be female military officer has taken to her Facebook page in search of a boyfriend. According to the military officer, she has been looking for a man for several years but all efforts have been futile.

According to her, men are scared to approach her because she is a military officer which is very disturbing. She added that a lot of people have a perception about military women hence avoiding any form of relationship with them.

She stated that she is a very calm person and encouraged men to approach her since she’s single and searching.

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