July 18, 2024

28-year-old beautiful lady dies during liposuction surgery – Video

A beautiful young lady identified as Amelia Pounds lost her precious life during the process of undergoing liposuction surgery.


Plastic Surgery, Liposuction, cosmetic surgery, collagen injections, BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), etc are some of the professional terms used to describe the process of going under the knife to enhance one’s body parts.

According to the reports received,  the 28-year-old lady is a socialite and businesswoman from Nigeria.

She died in New Delhi, India, due to complications following liposuction surgery.

Amelia Pounds is said to have passed away during the surgery at an unknown hospital in New Delhi, India.

She died early Friday, October 7 due to a complication from Liposuction surgery. Social media users are shocked at the news.


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